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What is the regulation of submission's order and naming?

What is the regulation of submission's order and naming?

Entrants submit the files in the following order and naming:

Requirements for organizing and naming FOLDER (illustration images) when submitting via Google Drive (In case participants send files directly, the order and naming of folders still apply along with the specified competition title as below):

Total Folder: Name of the participant/group for Kitchen Insight Plus

Folder 01: Idea presentation file (design message)

Folder 02: Design image file: Participant's/group's/company's name - design

Folder 03: Layout and perspective drawing file: Participant's/group's/company's name - layout

Folder 04: Identity card photos/ Business registration: ID card/ Business registration

Participants should submit competition entries with the following email subject: participant's name/ representative's name/ unit name_competition title Kitcheninsightplus


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