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In order to prepare an eligible submission, contestants notice the following requirements:

1. Contestants register at homepage to receive an email containing the official contest rules the 3D model file of Prime+ Edition refrigerator. 



2. Qualified entry must have the following items:

• At least 06 (six) color photos of complete kitchen space design, of which at least one photo is taken (zoomed) close to the refrigerator product, so that the Sponsor can effectively identify and validate the product model.

• 01 File (PDF format) kitchen space floor plan

• 01 File format (doc. or PDF) showing the author's design message (maximum 1000 characters)

• Registration form according to the qualified form at LINK

• Photo of the front & back of the identity card (if the contestant is an individual, or a group; a photo of the representative or group leader if contestants join as a group)

• Companies or architecture office, interior design studio send entries in large quantities attach the Business Registration Certificate for authentication.


3. Contestants submit entry with the following subject line: [Name of contestant/Name of the representative/Name of organization]_Submission for Kitcheninsight2021


Are you an individual or a group?
Individual Group
How do you register?
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Register is successful!. Please to download the contest rules here


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